Products and Services

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FRD always seeks to provide the highest quality of products and services to its clients. The table below presents the services that FRD is offering to its clients:


Real Estate Development

For the foreseeable future FRD will be mainly focusing on the development of residential projects rather than commercial. The main areas of operation that FRD will be concentrating are; New Cairo, 6th of October and Al Shorouk however, FRD’s management will remain attentive to opportunities that would seem rewarding.

Project Management

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One of the services that FRD will be providing its clients with is Project Management.  Our project management services include (but not limited to) Strategic Facility Planning, Project Cost & Management and Development Management Services. The following table shows further explanation of these services:



Foundation for Real Estate Development aims to improves the lives of people, develop better communities and stimulate development by providing our construction services to our clients. We will have the ability of designing, constructing, financing and operating residential housing projects, commercial projects and infrastructural assets. Our team will utilize all their practical knowledge, experience, and creativity in order to be able to provide top construction services for our clients. The expertise of the team will allow FRD to engage in many projects, including healthcare projects, educational projects, commercial projects, sports facilities, pharmaceutical plants, retail and green building. Determined by a guarantee to constant improvement, Foundation for Real Estate Development grasps the latest Building Information Modeling and construction approaches to upgrade efficiency and enrich customer value.


Real Estate Brokerage & Consulting Services

Foundation for Real Estate Development will provide a widespread variety of residential and commercial real estate services, which will be carried out by professional of the highest standards. Our counsel and knowledge will help our clients to accomplish all their property prerequisites, across Cairo.

The services provided through this department are as follows:



FRD has an efficient organizational structure set by the professional managers in the team. The following diagram is a representation of the company’s organizational structure:


At FRD we are following the method of “Experts Manage Areas of Expertise”. We believe that in the segregation of duties and allowing employees to specialize in their field work or department will lead to higher efficiency and productivity therefore, a better service will be provided to our clients. With the above structure it is easier for management to set long-term and short-term goals, it is easier to determine the areas of weakness and rectify them and it is more efficient since every expert will be working in his/her area of expertise.

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