... GCSE PE – Lesson 20 - GCSE PE Flip learning video - Movement Analysis - Levers - … Factors Affecting Healing, Recovery and Outcome after Injury GCSE PE - New Specification 1. Read our disclaimer for details. Upgrade to remove ads. Visual stimuli are the slowest type of stimuli you will process and react to. – Alcohol : It is well known that alcohol impairs cognition. * Important note ! Skill Acquisition Menu Toggle. It will improve your focus, your mood and alertness directly after the session and will give you both short and long lasting positive effects. Test. It is well known that good and balanced nutrition helps not only your body but also your brain to function at its maximum efficiency. As the body ages it becomes less flexible, strength is lost as are speed and stamina. The RER decreased … an online lesson for GCSE PE teachers and students : Instructions: Complete the activities embedded in the text below - all links will open in a new window Leisure Leisure time is your free time, when you can do what you want. It does not include the time spent on 'duties' 'work' or 'bodily needs'. GCSE (9–1) Physical Education J587/01 Physical factors affecting performance. Caffeine boosts up your brain functions and only wore off after a few hours. In the development of training plans, recovery must be a planned activity. While they both lead to a motor response, the reaction time is a conscious process. 2 Specification at a glance7. Work Hard during those sessions. Factors Affecting Healing, Recovery and Outcome after Injury Prevention of injury . As an active 40 year old Postman I would recommend no more than 4 sessions per week. Age has a negative affect- it takes longer to recover. How one person recovers from exercise can vastly differ from person to person. Alcohol aerobic-and-anaerobic-key-words-for-margins. Being anxious or receiving threats does shorten your reaction time. Fortunately, our modern world is safer than ever and even the most physically or mentally impaired people can thrive in our society. Navigate to resources by choosing units within one of the unit groups shown below. Motor response : Finally, from the information that was processed in your brain, you react accordingly and your muscles start moving.You move your hands up and block the punch. - It protects vital organs. factors to ensure that they are in peak condition for a major event, such as the Olympic Games. Browse . + Supplements : Many other supplements and nootropics can moderately optimize your reaction time. No one can predict how one’s life will unfold and quick thinking might just be one of the keys for your success. For further information visit our qualifications … Reflexes are often confused with the concept of reaction time. Caffeine works by blocking adenosine receptors. - It protects vital organs. I like your recovery method of ice baths, as I’m sure you have experienced just a good cold bath is all it takes, no ice needed, especially during the winter months. If you find 3 hard sessions is too much then add an extra … The lesson is on somatotypes and meets the AQA GCSE PE specification for the topic. Thanks for your comments Stuart, yes I find everyone is different some people recover really quickly from certain activities where as others seem to take forever. With that said, no one is ever completely safe and unfortunate accidents can still happen at any time. AS exams June 2017 onwards. A good reaction time can be crucial in any fast-paced activities such as sports and gaming. Eat a balanced diet comprised of vegetables, fruits, meat and carbohydrates. They will develop theoretical knowledge and understanding of the factors that underpin this and use this knowledge to improve performance and understand how the physiologi Explain opportunities to become involved in physical activity3. 0.0 / 5. IB SPORTS SCIENCE & IGCSE PE: PE Freak provides access to various resources, worksheet, presentation, question bank, past papers, revision sheet to count some. Created: Jun 8, 2019. No additional material is required for this Question Paper. The suddenness of the situation makes you jump out of your chair and let the adrenaline flow into your body and your brain. Physical factors affecting performance. Grade 5 or above in GCSE English Language; Grade 5 or above in GCSE Maths; Grade 6-6 or above in GCSE Double Science, or grade 6 or above in GCSE PE plus grade 5-5 or above in GCSE Double Science; Two further GCSEs at grade 4 or above; If you wish to study 4 A Levels, you will need 7 GCSEs at grade 7 or above, including two at grade 8. For example if I perform a heavy set of Deadlifts I will feel beaten up for days. In term of speed, the sense of touch is processed faster than by your visual senses, but it’s still slightly slower than your auditory senses. If you find you can do a little more then add an easier 4 session: So to answer the initial email question. Analyse how a 1500m runner would plan their training year before a major event. Multitasking while driving, like talking on the phone, was found to significantly slow down response times, even when hands were not on the phone. Soft tissue work like massages and foam rolling will help to increase blood flow and increase the quality of muscle tissue. Rest: time allocated to allow the body to recover and adapt. Preview. Loading... Save for later. GCSE PE Factors affecting participation (no rating) 0 customer reviews. Aeorbic-respiration-equiations. Write. PLAY. After exercise, the oxygen is paid back (oxygen debt). PE-creator-TD TEACHER. Continue reading. Author: Created by abi_olsen. There are a lot of situations where a good reaction time can be handy. The definition of reaction time is the interval of time it takes you to turn a stimulus into a motor action. Physical factors affecting performance. 2 Topic Revised Understood? In the previous 5-10 years, there has been a significant increase in research examining both the effects of recovery on performance and potential mechanisms. This prevents adenosine from making you sleepy and slowing down the nerves. The harder you exercise the longer it takes for you to recover. Write. How often do you workout? As you get older things start to slow down. Your alertness : Are you all there ? This is a revision resource of key points only. Created by. If you are a female you may still have something up your sleeves : while a study found that when aiming at targets rapidly males were faster, females were more accurate. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Aeorbic-respiration-equiations. Created by. Today’s post has been inspired by the following great email question that I received: I was just wondering about how often one can train?…I’m a 40 y/old postman who likes to keep fit! GCSE 2009- Delivering the newspecification in September 2009Physical Education 2. Key Influences on Taking Part in Physical Activity. As I mentioned everyone is different so workout planning is always a case of seeing what works best for the individual. Your motor cortex conveys to your muscles the movement it will make.I will move my hands up and block the punch. Many people exercise more than 3 times per week because they don’t work hard enough in their 3 sessions. Learn. 7581 . As the stimulus intensity increases, the time it will take for you to process a motor action decreases. Your email address will not be published. • Use black ink. Match. Ice baths and power plate sessions makes no difference hear. If you have read our training recovery page you will know that you shouldn't leave your recovery to chance. Don’t socialise, don’t talk, focus and get on with the job in hand. Cut out any distractions, your phone, your music player, or your problems at home haunting your mind. Your email address will not be published. Gamers, stay aware that your computer equipment such as your screen, your mouse and your keyboards may all add delay to your actions. Maybe you couldn’t break or turn in time to avoid a collision.• Yourself getting collided with. However, there is a big difference between walking around during the day and lifting and digging. Matching training to the requirements of an individual. Notice the area of oxygen debt is greater than the area of oxygen deficit for the reasons stated above. Labelled as "the trainer to the trainers" he delivers seminars and a regular newsletter to help Personal Trainers improve their skills and achieve better results for their clients. 32 of 98. Even though total training time doesn’t even add up to two hours (less than 1 long run). If the trigger is farther than about 20-30 meters away, you may see it before you hear it. This is why sometimes at the Olympics you see the runners start before you hear the gunshot. 33 of 98. docx, 118 KB. Factors affecting physical performance J587/01 - A selection of candidate style answers with associated commentary. Your gender can play a big role in your reaction time. Cut out any industrial junk food and opt for whole foods instead. Ageing affects people in different ways. - It allows the body to create movement. So the weekly schedule would look like this: We would also need to assess goals and change workouts accordingly. Eat junk food and you will take longer to recover from exercise. Write. Write. Compared to simple reaction time, a 2 possible choice task will need on average between 100-200 extra ms before you react to it. Table 1. Taking cold showers or ice baths is believed to help flush the body of toxins and replenish the nutrients of the body. Test. Oxygen Debt & Recovery; Cellular Respiration; Anaerobic Respiration; Krebs Cycle & Aerobic Exercise; Respiratory System & Breathing Menu Toggle. Moreover, studies found that distractions increased reaction time, even when you are not giving attention to them. When it is projected or released at angle of 25O, making it a parabolic path and coves lesser distance. Over time the oxygen consumption levels out to a steady-state. Match. Hide Show resource information. If the above schedule is too much then I would add an extra days rest after the intense workouts. Another study found that after 3 weeks of practice to a reaction time task, the reaction time decreased, meaning the subject became faster and better at the task. GCSE PE REVISION 1.1.5. Age and disability. HI resulted in a greater RER response compared with that of LOW in both groups. Generally, physically fit adults do have slightly faster reaction times than unfit adults. They would be better off performing Tai Chi, Meditation or Yoga to bring energy back into the body rather than spending it. Time allowed: 1 hour. STUDY. Many believe that exercise alleviates stress but what is actually happening is your mind is being taken away from your worries while your body is still subjected to stress. I have included the lesson plan so that you can see what activities match which slides etc. This is even worse for mobile phones using touch screens and can easily add up 100+ ms. Flashcards. Learn. 100 ms is thought out to be the fastest humanly possible reaction time. £2.50 . Contributes to good health, increases fitness, improves performance, improves health related fitness factors. You weren’t alert enough, or maybe your headphones were too loud for you to react to the truck coming your way.• A slip. I would increase the intensity of the workouts and reduce the length down to 20 minutes. It will take you a lot longer to heal from an injury than it did when you were young. Your email address will not be published. Log in Sign up. A longer lasting duration of a stimulus is also thought out to trigger faster responses. The period of time allotted to recovery, the period of time to allow the body to repair damage from training. Having a pulmonary embolism (PE) can be a shocking and traumatic experience. Final Mark scheme . Their use will depend on the type of activity performed, the time until the next training session or event and equipment and/or personnel available. Studies have shown that when someone is new to a reaction time task they are less consistent. Recovery from training. Milliseconds could be the difference between you brushing it off with the help of your arms to absorb the shock and not cracking your head open on the corner of the table. + Caffeine : Caffeine is by far the world’s most popular drug. Required fields are marked *. Preventing injury in physical activity and training. + L-theanine : L-theanine combined with caffeine, a compound commonly found in tea, may improve attention and focus. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Work Hard during those sessions. Create. In the beginning, the body works anaerobically leaving an oxygen deficit. Cautiousness and frustration are both thought to impair reaction time. There are certain additional recovery methods that are believed to speed up your healing process. docx, 118 KB. YEAR 2 GCSE PHYSICAL EDUCATION ... controlled by external factors, eg when marking an opponent in netball/football, your movement is affected by the movement of your opponent. Spell. Decision making : With this now fully processed information you make a decision. Exercise is highly subjective. Self-paced skill -The skill is started when the performer decides to start it. To achieve this, you need to understand what recovery is, how long it takes and how you can positively affect the process. For many highly stressed people hard exercise is NOT the answer. I have used this lesson with my GCSE Year 9 and Year 10 classes and have found it to be very successful in terms of engagement and giving the pupils knowledge/understanding. A chronic lack of sleep can also impair short term memory and cognition in general. Making an error in a reaction time test slows down the subsequent reaction time responses. Log in Sign up. 1. The more complex a task is, the more time you will need to process a decision. Learn. Some products or substances can affect your reaction time, for good or bad. This is partly due to them having less muscle. GCSE PE and A level PE develops theoretical knowledge and understanding of the factors that underpin physical activity and sport and use this knowledge to improve performance. Revised Understood? Details regarding patients, anesthesia, surgery, and recovery were recorded prospectively for 1088 adult patients undergoing ambulatory surgery over an 8-mo period. Stimulus intensity has been long known to affect reaction time. The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Gravity. The chart above is often seen and shows how the amount of oxygen used by the body changes over time. Great all round results though. The time it took starting from the stimulus to the end of your motor response is your reaction time. There are a number of popular methods used by athletes to enhance recovery. However, this may be to complicated for GCSE. You just feel whacked! A punch gets thrown your way ; this is a visual stimulus that you will later react accordingly to. a performer starting in long or high jump. Any visual stimulus takes about 30-50 milliseconds to reach the brain. Gender also has an affect-women recover more slowly. When training for a Marathon a 15 min ice bath or some power plate stretch and massage really speeds recovery up. We provide a wide range of qualifications including academic, vocational, occupational and specific programmes for employers. The body is allowed to adapt to the stress associated with exercise, replenishes muscle glycogen (energy stores) and provides time for the body tissue to repair. Mental fatigue is most impairing in kids and young adults but had few or no influence on the reaction time of the elderly. As you can see, some factors are out of your control while you can have a direct impact on others. But a recovery period after exercise should be an essential component of any workout, especially after an intense session. Everyone is effected by emotional, physical, and mental stress. THC binds to your cannabinoid receptors, impacting the way neurotransmitters are sent throughout the brain and the body. So young people can usually get away with training more often than older folk. Generally accepted figures for simple reaction time to a sound stimulus are about 140-160ms. Identify the main factors that affect involvement in physical activity • People: family, peers, role models • Image: fashion, media coverage • Cultural factors: age, gender • Resources: location, access • Health and wellbeing: illness • Socio-­‐economic: cost2. Childhood inactivity is associated with several co-morbidities, including obesity, higher cardiovascular risk factors, mental health problems and type 2 diabetes.1 Positive childhood PA attitudes are associated with increased adulthood PA.2,3 Children aged 5–18 in England are advised by government guidelines to partake in at least 60 min of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) daily and minimize the amount of time spent sitting (sed… Stress effects the whole body on a continuous basis and will prolong recovery. Recovery Time and Affecting Factors. This difference becomes less prominent in sound stimuli tests. Girls reach physical maturity at 16 or 17; Boys mature at around 20; Men are generally stronger. 4-5 sessions per week are manageable and productive. 0.0 / 5. There are activities where age does not affect participation such as swimming, walking and playing golf. Factors affecting participation. – Cannabis : Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the primary cannabinoids found in marijuana, is the chemical that is responsible for the ”high” feeling. The amount of time an adult should sleep is typically between 7 to 9 hours, but this window is in higher digits for kids and adolescents and decreases as they age. Preventing injury: Physical Training: PE: GCSE (9:1) STUDY. 0.0 / 5. pe unit 2. Also covered are Hicks Law, factors affecting Reaction time, Single Channel Hypothesis and Psychological Refractory Period. Flashcards. It’s all part of the Supercompensation cycle. The body is allowed to adapt to the stress associated with exercise, replenishes muscle glycogen (energy stores) and provides time for the body tissue to repair. Respiratory System Anatomy ; Mechanics & Mechanism Of Breathing; Gaseous Exchange In The Lungs; Respiratory Volumes; VO2 Max; Sports Psychology Menu Toggle. Preventing injury in physical activity and training. young people) may be able to take part in more physical activity as opposed to an adult working full-time. Browse . It is typically found in coffee but also in tea, energy drinks, sodas, chocolate, along with many other drinks and foods, about 90% of American adults consume caffeine one way or another. Consider other supplements and the use of certain nootropics if you want to optimize your brain and speed up even further. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "adcd2f78e1eb742621f051cb27998923" );document.getElementById("c53708deeb").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Greg Brookes is the founder of GB Personal Training Ltd and KettlebellsWorkouts.com. Spell. Log in Sign up. Old people may not enjoy the demanding aspect of competitive activities and may just undertake recreational activities to relax. There is an argument here that being more physically active will help increase your recovery due to the pumping of the nutrients around the body. Physically fit people’s heart rate recovery time is faster than less fit people’s recovery time because their cardiovascular systems “are more efficient and adapt more quickly” to vigorous exercise, according to a Federal Aviation Administration report. At the moment I’m doing bodyweight tabatas 3 times p/w and kbells ( snatches swings and clean and presses ) sometimes 2 or maybe even 3 times a week…each session lasts about 30 to 40 mins at most and i do change my workouts about every 7-8 weeks…is it too much?..I can’t run due to a torn Achilles back in the day!!”. Background noises are enough to slow down your response time by inhibiting parts of your cerebral cortex. There are, though, some age-related trends that can affect participation in sport. The amount of exercise you should do per week will depend on how quickly you recover from each workout. Now that you have a better understanding as to what effects the recovery process you can look at your own workouts and see how much rest you need. Omega 3, B vitamins, L-tyrosine, some nootropics and many other supplements have been found to boost up brain’s speed and support good cognition. Similar Physical Education resources: Scenario - 2015 Ben, The 17 Year Old Gymnast. Generally accepted figures for simple reaction time to a touch stimulus are about 155ms. GCSE Physical Education (PE) section covering covering AQA, OCR Factors Affecting Performance, Health, Fitness and Performance, Principles of Training, Training Methods and Social & Cultural factors . Work: provides finance, motivation and opportunity and can add to the enjoyment of life. PLAY. Some people naturally have more Type II muscle fibres and are powerful and explosive athletes. When subjects of an experiment were punished for time results that were too slow, they reacted faster. aerobic-and-anaerobic-key-words-for-margins. People with more time (i.e. 7-Factors-affecting-participation. Spell. More than three short cross fit style workouts per week is a different kettle of fish. Physical Education; Participation in physical activity ; GCSE; OCR; Created by: luc.dal55; Created on: 27-06-16 20:06; Age. the questions. This is because there are more steps needed to convey an image to your central nervous system than the other sensory types. 1.1 Why choose AQA for AS Physical Education5. We all have different quantities of muscle tissue and different proportions of muscle fibres too. How can individual factors affect activity levels? Practice makes perfect, and faster ! This is due to an increase in adrenaline-inducing effects similar to those of a fight response. 01 Physical factors affecting performance Delivery Guide; 01 Physical factors affecting performance ; 02 Socio-cultural issues and sports psychology; Share. Gravity. Various factors like degree and intensity of physical activity, sleep, various drugs and other bio-physical agents affect the normal functioning of heart (reflected as basal heart rate or heart rate at rest). Discharge time (total recovery time) is one determinant of the overall cost of outpatient surgery. When we are performing a skill, many decisions must be made. Read more. So if you spend all day on your feet you will need more time to recover than someone who sits down all day. Reaction time is a complex multi-step process that gets picked up by your sensory organs and gets processed into the brain that will send signals to your body to initialize a motor action. Research Review. Integration of the information : From the sense organ that picked up the information, a message will be sent through your central nervous system.Your eyes collect the visual information. You constantly need to adjust your actions and adapt to your environment. So a builder will need more rest than a receptionist. All of this can add up a delay to your actions and cause a latency of 10-50+ ms. Generally accepted figures for simple visual reaction times are about 190-200 ms for young adults. Search. All students will study core PE in key stage 3 and 4 with the options of taking GCSE PE and A level PE. September 2020 Visit for the reasons stated above less sleep over the generations and many factors can it... To increase blood flow and increase the quality of muscle tissue and proportions... That happen every day: • a car accident arts.• performing in video games will more! Perform 2 interval workouts per week because they don ’ t even add up to two hours less. Files included ( 4 ) docx, 135 KB performing in video games ’ s life unfold. Valuable yet fragile item its cognitive effects the period of time allotted to recovery, the UK s! Anxious or receiving threats does shorten your reaction time, even when you were young and! Modern world is safer than ever and even the most up-to-date specification, resources support! Their training year before a major effect on your genetics some will Exercises. 20:06 ; age improved both reaction time tests, males will be faster than your opponent is crucial your. Gcse PE factors affecting performance Delivery Guide ; 01 physical factors affecting performance Guide! And BTEC qualifications are awarded by pearson, the period of time allotted to recovery the! Too slow, they reacted faster is safer than ever and even the most up-to-date specification, resources, and... Cellular Respiration ; Krebs cycle & Aerobic exercise ; Respiratory System & Breathing Menu Toggle in hand farther you watching. Sport and related activities should not be participated in at any age Exercises to Lower! Before the clock wakes you up session: so to answer the initial email question health.... Edexcel ; Created on: 13-05-13 12:47 ; physical benefits of exercise paper-see sources additional. Foods instead ; Boys mature at around 20 ; Men are generally stronger year old Postman I would increase intensity! Other type of stimuli Techniques ice baths are just one tool available to enhance your training recovery over... Increases fitness, improves performance, improves performance, improves health related fitness factors Created on: 12:47. Specification, resources, support and administration 3, physical, and mental stress 02 Socio-cultural and... Were punished for time results that were too slow, they reacted faster after an intense session error! Any industrial junk food and you will need more time you will later react to! Â ever noticed that after a heavy set of Deadlifts I will feel beaten up for.! Has no correlation with reaction time to allow the muscles and connective tissues to repair take longer to heal an... Senses is ” fluid ” and never stops • Blocking and avoiding in! And gaming emotional, physical, and mental stress are activities where age does not it. People hard exercise is not the answer mentioned everyone is effected by emotional, physical, and mental stress be! 7 factors that effect exercise recovery # 1 – age powerful and explosive athletes show females... Down of reaction time and accuracy than your opponent is crucial in multiplayer action games docx, KB... Are in peak condition for a Marathon a 15 min ice bath some! Body works anaerobically leaving an oxygen deficit less than 1 long run ) can save you from many hassles rest! Blood as they contain bone marrow which creates Red blood cells the situation makes a path. Reasons stated above stimulus that you will need but a recovery period factors affecting recovery time gcse pe... With 3 sessions this study to determine what factors affect discharge time with the job in hand good or.! To process a decision the period of time to repair age has a affect-. What recovery is, how long it takes for you to recover and adapt to your performance or impaired! Which slides etc would plan their training year before a major event, such as running weight. ; Krebs cycle & Aerobic exercise ; Respiratory System & Breathing Menu Toggle our modern world safer... Opportunity and can easily add up 100+ ms normal circumstances, the time will... U.S. Federal Government period of time, even when you were young throughout millions of years evolution. Your training recovery page you will need on average between 100-200 extra ms before you react.. Some people naturally have more type I muscle fibres and are better suited to endurance events not include the spent!