You can meet industry compliance requirements by using the Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) model to encrypt data in disks. Many applications also use block storage for their persistent I/O operations. Block storage is a category of data storage mostly used in storage area network (SAN) environments, where data is saved in huge volumes known as blocks. Block Storage enables automatic replication within the same zone to avoid data loss caused by hardware failures and guarantee the stability and continuity of your workloads. The data clearing port facilitates collecting and saving data that correspond to specific periods during the simulation run. Block storage devices are managed as a cluster of units called blocks. In many cases, depending on HW support, block size can be configured as well as various parameters, such as block placements on the actual media. You can use Alibaba Cloud KMS to simplify key management and upload custom keys to encrypt data in the cloud.Online Performance ScalingOffers multiple ESSD performance levels, including PL1, PL2, and PL3. You can use Alibaba Cloud KMS to simplify key management and upload custom keys to encrypt data in the cloud. This block is then assigned a unique address, enabling files to be spread across multiple machines for more efficient storage use. The random read/write performance reaches up to 1,000,000 IOPS. It is the role of the client application to map between its own storage formats and the underlying block storage system. And then, when data is requested, the underlying storage software reassembles the blocks of data from these environments and … How data storage will shift to blockchain Move over cloud and traditional in-house enterprise data center storage, distributed storage based on blockchain may be arriving imminently. Building successful businesses for small & medium sized Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) globally, Invite friends to join Alibaba Cloud and receive free coupons, Discover what makes us unique through these engaging videos, Double 11 Special Edition: Tech Behind the Scenes, Accelerate Success in China with Alibaba Cloud, One-stop compliance solution for MLPS 2.0, Accelerate and secure your internet-facing applications over any network, Safeguard your data assets throughout a robust data security framework, One-stop omnichannel solution for big data construction, management, and application, One-stop solution for big data construction, management, and application within your organization, Get your procurement and sales onto the same enterprise-level omnichannel digital platform, Centralize all operations into one Cloud POS system, Quickly interconnect with your IT systems in a secure and automated approach, Build AI-powered, human-like, conversational, multilingual chatbots over omnichannel, Provide domain name registration, analysis, and protection services, Learn more about Alibaba Cloud's official sponsorship with the Olympic games, Unified traffic management for microservices across multiple clusters, A PaaS that helps you run and manage applications, Automated operations and maintenance service to manage and execute O&M tasks, A serverless cloud service that orchestrates distributed tasks, Global acceleration, scheduling, and disaster recovery across IP addresses, Accelerate Internet applications globally to improve user experience, An ApsaraDB for PolarDB database appliance deployed on the premises, Financial-grade database: high stability, high scalability, and high performance, Solution for autonomous and controllable database service cluster on Alibaba Cloud, A deeply-optimized NoSQL database, 100% compatible with Apache HBase, Fully compatible with Apache Cassandra and provides enterprise-grade SLA, A low-cost, highly available and scalable online time series database, A ledger database that provides powerful data audit capabilities, A reliable and secure data backup service, A self-perception, repair, optimization, and security database service, A private database connection service with high security and reliability, Advanced service for heterogeneous database migration, A high-performance, high-reliability, and low-latency block storage service, Plan and optimize your storage budget with flexible storage services, Basic DDoS protection integrated with ECS, A system O&M and operation audit platform, Provides account, authentication, authorization, application, and audit features.