About Us

our history

Foundation for Real Estate Development (FRD) is a diversified company which covers most sectors of the real estate industry such as; development, investment, project management, construction and brokerage. One of the main advantages of being strongly integrated in the real estate industry is that it offers a great deal of knowledge about the market, which is later utilized by our team in future endeavors thus improving our decision making process and our strategic planning. Although FRD is a newly set up business we pride ourselves for having an extensive amount of experience in this industry, the team that will be managing the company have previously worked at well  established businesses operating in the same industry in KSA (further details below).


The operation of FRD is taking place in Cairo, Egypt. The main focus of the business in the foreseeable future is to invest and develop the new districts of Cairo such as New Cairo, 6th of October, Al Shorouk, etc… FRD will be seeking the best investment and development opportunities in these districts.

Hours of Operation

Our office operates five days a week, from Sunday to Thursday, starting 9 am and ending at 5 pm.