and they are even great this morning (I forgot to cover them but they are crispy and super yummy still). Thanks in advance :)! Thank you for sharing. They were VERY well received BUT I felt they were a bit  greasy..I was thinking I might try baking them on a shallow rack set in my pan. And who doesn’t need that? Place wax paper on a clean work surface and open pizza crust onto the paper. Always a hit! Starting at one of the short ends, roll the pastry up as tightly as possible. To wrap up, based on my experiences, this is what I’m going to do for the party: Use regular (not thin crust) pizza crust, bake at 350 degrees for 20/25ish minutes and when they look cooked through, I’ll pull them out and brush the glaze on top, then bake an additional 5-10 minutes until browned and caramelized on top. Pizza dough! If freezing, would you bake first and then freeze or freeze before baking? I served it with hot soup and tadaaaa…simple, quick and yummy dinner was done. Would it work to prepare and freeze and bake later? Then tightly roll up the dough like a cinnamon bun! I made these last weekend for a church luncheon to welcome our new youth pastor. I did bake for 20 alone first, then added glaze last 7 minutes. So in about 2 hours, this recipe will be baking in the oven. Sprinkle dough with cheese and basil (or parsley). 0 %. – For some reason the bottoms of mine always overcook (verging on burned). I showed him this recipe yesterday, he was excited, and that’s VERY unusual, since he hates EVERYTHING except barbecue. These were wonderful! wondering how long to cook if I use a package of crescent rolls (pinched together as a rectangle). The flavors are amazing together. 1. Next time I’ll cook at 400 degrees (directions on pizza crust) & maybe just brush the liquid on top. Pour evenly over the rolls. Everybody was enthusiastic…. Look forward to trying some of em. They were amazing. Also, it was swimming in buttery oil, not necessarily a bad thing, but I’m thinking there might have been extra butter because the puff pastry has a lot of butter in it. I, too, felt there was way too much butter and had to turn on the broiler to get a little color on them! These are wonderful and so easy to make. Beginning at the center, roll dough out evenly in all directions to make a 14 x 12 inch rectangle. Pretty sure there were people I never met coming and grabbing some. Hot brown sugar glaze is the best topping to finish this easy recipe! Preheat oven to 200u00b0C/180u00b0C fan-forced. My husband and all of our friends absolutely love these, and so do I! But your pictures were excellent. The butter is overkill and really makes this dish unnecessarily greasy. Looks great. Because yeah, these look too delicious to skip! Total Time: 45 min Prep Time: 15 min Cook Time: 30 min. They didn’t crisp up at all. I want to make them for a potluck, but I do not want to have soggy dough. Chill in the fridge for 10 … Place slices on a baking sheet lined with parchment or a silicone baking mat. Tag your recipes and travels with #kevinandamanda. Press seam to close. Can you make them and freeze them? Layer the cheese and ham on top of the breadstick. :). Pinwheels 1 can Pillsbury™ of classic refrigerated pizza crust 3/4 pound of ham from the deli (thinly sliced, but not shaved) 12 slices of Swiss cheese (thinly sliced) Glaze Danke für dieses wundervolle Rezept. Flavor was very good though, so I would definitely make again with the changes. Next time I will try 1/2 cube of butter. Soy sauce  is very salty  also, unless you used low sodium. I would cut them a little smaller that might help. I was out of worcestershire sauce when I made this, so I subbed in soy sauce and some spices. I gave the recipe out to several people who asked for it. Place a square of cheddar cheese in the centre uncut portion of each square. Can’t wait. I make these all the time for parties and people devour them and always ask for the recipe! Spray a 9 x 13 casserole dish with nonstick spray, and place your rolls into it face up. These look amazing! Very handy. Oh my goodness! I immediately knew that both were because of the sugar in the glaze and the fact that the sugar will burn before the dough is cooked. I do kind of skimp on the mustard, and I always just use normal mustard. I make them on a dark cookie sheet with a lip. Many greetings from Germany. We had them in the oven for 40 min at least, ans the 9 by 13 pan was half way up on the sides with it looked like butter, and never did get it brown, what diod we do wrong? Here we share our favorite quick and easy recipes, plus travel tips and guides for our favorite places around the world. How to make ham and cheese pinwheels. Those are amazing!!! I made these today and, yeah, they were too sweet. You might try turning up your oven a bit to get it to brown and glaze rather than end up a pool of oil. If your diabetic can you a substitute, if so which one, ILive in Spain..thankyou. Hope this helps! These have to be delicious!! Excelente,los tengo que preparar,gracias por compartir. Made these for Christmas Eve and making them again for Easter. It would probably taste even better. Best Places To Visit In The Dolomites Italy, Everything You Need To Know Before You Go To Iguazu Falls, 4 Best Places To Go in the Sacred Valley of Peru, Humantay Lake — An Amazing Day Trip from Cusco Peru, Tips for Visiting the Golden Bridge in Vietnam, Best Things to Do in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), My Experience at the Killing Fields of the Cambodian Genocide, Best Things To Do in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, How to Visit Nubia — The Colorful Nubian Village in Egypt, 5 Things You Absolutely MUST Do At The Dead Sea, What I Wish I Knew Before Skydiving In Dubai, Seaside Florida — One Of The Very Best Beaches In Florida, Best Philadelphia Restaurants For Every Meal Of The Day, What You Need To Know Before Visiting Eastern State Penitentiary. These look heavenly. You’ll see why they’re one of our favorite pinwheel recipes!! (Buffalo, NY). They are never gooey or oily. does pizza dough have that much butter in it? I only used melted butter to baste them and sprinkled parmesan cheese on them but they came out divine in this simple way, too! Thank you for another great recipe Amanda!! Line a large baking sheet with aluminum foil. 4. They were wonderful. However I didn’t double the sauce. Arrange the Not sure just what went wrong???? Sweet, salty, tangy ham and pineapple pizza rolled up into handheld pizza pinwheels. Prepped in 10 minutes, out of the oven in 30 (I like mine a little extra crispy). Remove and cut into 2cm scrolls. I’m thinking of making maybe three trays. With poppy seeds being so tiny they can be painful for someone when they slip under their dentures ;). Very easy to make and my picky eaters loved it. The first try we made it just as described. Be sure to grease the pan well-They really stick to the pan. Over all, a great recipe with great flavor and a definite keeper. Try to keep everything inside so the Thank you! They will spread while baking, so space them with some room between. I will be making them for a women’s gathering this next week. saved a disaster and loved a delicious breakfast. Dec 22, 2018 - Explore betty krall's board "Ham pinwheels" on Pinterest. Lay ham slices over cheese, end to end. I was wondering though, I have frozen homemade pizza dough in the freezer, can I use it instead of the pullsbury tube? I tried what one other person posted. My family LOVES this recipe. Brush on 1/2 the mustard Sprinkle on the chopped ham and the cheese. I’ll probably try putting some parchment paper under them to see if that helps with the overcooked bottoms. I made these for our Christmas party last night and they were a hit! Let us know how it turns out! They are not at all greasy. Yes, I think you could. I’m sharing French’s® in my life as part of a sponsored series for Socialstars™ #FrenchsCrowd #FrenchsMustard Easy Ham and Cheese Pinwheels are perfect for a quick summertime meal! My daughter is especially crazy for them. The second time the only thing that I changed was the bread dough to the pizza dough that was stated. Enjoy. They look so delicious. I doubled the recipe in full, but had way too much glaze, I probably could have done 1.5x the glaze and been completely fine. :), Yes, you can definitely use sliced turkey instead of ham. So, so yummy! Preheat your oven to 400F. I can’t wait to try these. My OH is sitting in front of his computer “mmMm!”-ing as I type. In an earlier post, a woman said she used puffed pastry sheets and they were delicious! This recipe looks awesome! I think the ones that don’t get done in time are too thick. 1) Is it better to keep it in the fridge before baking or are they good in both ways? Thank you! Followed instructions correctly. was perfect. Awesome. They will spread while baking, so space them with some room between. Made these without poppy seeds and mustard (don’t like poppy seeds and daughter has mustard allergy) and they were awesome!!! How do you think they would be if I eliminated the brown sugar in the glaze. In a large bowl, whisk 1/2 … Ham and cheese pinwheels are insanely easy appetizers that only take eight ingredients (one is which is store-bought pizza dough!). Thanks for the recipe. I am prepping them now and am going to refrigerate to cook in the morning. 5 people asked for recipe. I made these yesterday for a cocktail party. And may I use another mustard that agrees with me? The leftovers reheat well, too. Thank you for this recipe. Try turning the oven up 25 degrees. You always post such fun recipes! :), Serious Yummy-ness. For even easier cutting, place the roll in the freezer for about 15 minutes to firm up before slicing. Hi Amanda! Yes please! They were perfect this way. My oven is new and cooks at exactly the temp it is supposed to and mine are perfect every time. Unroll the pizza dough onto a cutting board and press into approximately a 13×18-inch rectangle. Have used them for another recipe and it worked out fine. I would definitely halve the glaze and brush it on instead of pouring it over. Using a pizza cutter, slice the cheddar cheese and ham to be the same width as the breadsticks.Set aside. Or as many as you prefer. Baked Ham and Cheese Rolls with sweet tangy Honey Mustard Glaze are an irresistible twist on a classic ham and cheese sandwich. I make sure the glaze is very well whisked together and whisk it once or twice while I am glazing. Our family really enjoyed the final outcome. See photos below. Cook the pinwheels until the dough just starts to brown, then pour the glaze over them lightly – operative word being lightly – and then let them finish baking. Otherwise you get a doughy mess. 26 minutes was the perfect time for mine to cook. If anyone else has had this issue and found a solution, I’d really appreciate a tip! Wondering if anyone may have tried this? MMMmmm…. Anyone every maybe have heated these up as leftovers the next day in the microwave ? The pinwheels are made with the WeightWatchers 2-ingredient dough. Spread diced ham and pineapple evenly over tomato paste. My 2 problems were dough still not cooked or brown after 40 minutes also & also too much liquid. Do these have a strong mustard flavor? Add the ham on top and then sprinkle on the grated … I was a little hesitant about the sauce, but these are one of the best easy meals I have ever made! Thanks for sharing :-), I tried making something very similar with prosciutto over the summer and it turned out really greasy. But I will be making them often :). I am thinking about next time splitting it up between 2 9×13 so the butter or liquid dont go up so far on the sides of the rolls?? Thank you. I made these for a pot luck lunch at work they are a hit ! Pinwheels: When the dough is ready roll it out onto a floured surface to roughly 14 x 14 inches. I love the addition of poppy seeds -a nice little crunchy texture contrast. Place in freezer for 5 minutes. This looks great! I was concerned with the other reviews saying that the rolls were too soggy so I opted to keep the sauce as is instead of doubling for my two long rolls. Then add a layer of sliced pepper jack cheese. We love easy & delicious pinwheel appetizers!! For the perfect ham and cheese pinwheels, spread a light layer of cream cheese on each tortilla. Can u put the glaze on the rollups the night before and leave them in the fridge ? I would try 1/8 inch or 1/16 dowel rods on each side(depending on how thick you want it) to get the dough even all the way across, just roll the rolling pin on the sticks??? Separate the breadsticks and set aside. I made these last night as an appetizer; I really liked that the rolls looked as good as they taste. Baked Ham and Cheese Rolls with sweet tangy Honey Mustard Glaze are an irresistible twist on a classic ham and cheese sandwich. Do they get soggy like the Hawaiian roll version? Just discovered your site (way cool), but could not get a print-out of your “Hot Ham & Cheese Party Rolls”. Thanks for sharing! Perfect for football season as a snack! They were a greasy mess. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. If you used turkey what type of glace would you use? I use thinly sliced Sargento baby swiss. What do you mean by “a prepared baking sheet” Does it mean it should be oiled? The best part was how quick and easy it was — I doubled the recipe and was done in about 10 minutes. Did you ever make them the day before baking? Hot Ham and Swiss Pinwheels have smoked ham and melty swiss cheese that are rolled up in croissant dough and are brushed with a buttery garlic poppyseed topping! I also like the “jump to recipe” option. Delicious way to use leftover Christmas ham! Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Coat a 9×13-inch baking dish with cooking spray. Cover ham slices with cheese. Tasty Pizza Pinwheels with Ham & Pineapple – Low Carb – Keto. :). Enjoy! This looks so delicious I’d love to make it, but have haven’t seen pizza dough like this in New Zealand, and am wondering if it would be possible to substitute something else, eg flaky pastry, or a commercial oblong pizza base and which would best give a similar result? I also really feel like it would help to not roll them up so tight, will definitely roll more loosely next time. Thanks for the recipe! Cut the roll into 8 slices approximately 1 inch thick each and lay each one on the baking sheet lined with parchment paper. I made these tonight for our New Year’s Eve get together and we liked them a lot. Hi, I had the same problem the first time I tried them. I’d like to make these but I’m in the UK and can’t get ready made pizza dough. Definitely don’t pour on the sauce until right before baking. Thanks for a new twist on an old favorite! Roll puff pastry out on a floured surface. Let’s not tell them that ham and cheese tortilla roll-ups are made with the exact same ingredients as a ham and cheese sandwich, with the bread just swapped out for a tortilla. Like many others have already mentioned mine also took nearly double the time to cook and seemed very watery. Start from the shortest side and roll as tight as possible. Ham and cheese pastry pinwheels are a great, easy appetizer that are sure to be a crowd favorite at your holiday parties. I’ll try making them again using my own homemade pizza dough. I wish there was an open oven for me to bring these to Christmas but I’m thinking the perfect thing for our company the day after. I was determined to stick exactly to the recipe in spite of my concerns about the amount of butter called for. Deby The glaze has some mustard & doesn’t taste strongly of it (I don’t like mustard either). I also cooked this on 400 degrees or 25 minutes and omitted 3/4 of the butter. Maybe even let them cook for a bit before using the glaze at all. Just made them exactly as per the recipe. From the corner of each square, make a 1 inch diagonal cut towards the centre. This is such a great idea! Place slices on a baking sheet lined with parchment or a silicone baking mat. These Ham and Cheese Pinwheels feature a creamy dijon spread along with sliced swiss cheese and your favorite deli ham rolled up into and cut into these cute little pinwheels. Stir and allow it to rest for 5 minutes. Hi! The crescent rolls absorbed the glaze too much and they got soggy. 350 degrees and Baked until done in the center. These take five minutes to prep and are soooooo easy and yummy – thanks for sharing this great recipe. A fun twist on family pizza night and perfect for appetizers too. I have them on the menu for my son’s 2nd birthday party next Sat. Easy and yummy! Beginning at the center, roll dough out evenly in all directions to make a 14 x 12 inch rectangle. How to make Ham and Cheese Pinwheels. I double the recipe for the rolls but not the sauce. Do they freeze well? I would make the dough from scratch but my OH always makes the dough whenever we have pizza so I never learned how! Because you’re making 2 tortilla’s worth of yummy ham and cheese pinwheels, consider changing up the cream cheese flavors. Cheese, pizza crust, brown sugar. Place wax paper on a clean work surface and open pizza crust onto the paper. I made these last night and they were a big hit! I happened to find this recipe from a post on Pinterest and copied it onto my blog with credit to you and a link folks have to use if they want the recipe, I hope you don’t mind. If anyone is curious, make sure you buy pizza crust. I accidentally bought Pilsbury thin crust pizza crust, do you think that will be ok? oh my what a yum! I should have just made them and cooked them right away. Perfect when unexpected company pops in and you need a snacky snack! Can’t wait to make these. I haven’t yet figured out a way around this. The taste of the sauce was excellent! Pinch the end of the breadstick to the side to seal. A fun twist on family pizza night and perfect for appetizers too. Can’t wait to try these, thanks for sharing this. Ingredients. I do not grind the poppyseed. Layer on slices of ham to cover entire surface area. My 17 year old loved them so much he’s requesting that I make them for his graduation party! Made my own pizza dough, the topping Making them again today for a birthday party and figured I’d finally leave a comment to let you know how amazing these are! And big thanks for having a usable site without crazy ad pop-ups! Thanks for sharing, I followed you! Add 2 cups of all purpose flour, salt, and oil. I would love to make a batch or two to freeze for us for lunch. Help.LOL. I gave the recipe out to several people who asked for it. We loved the result? Thanks! Which one is better? Can’t make enough of them for parties. Cut your roll into 12 slices. Anyone else have this problem? 5. They are great. 1/2 lb Dietz & Watson Pepper Jack Cheese 1/2 lb Dietz & Watson Sliced Ham 1/4 Cup of horse radish sauce or other dipping sauce of your choice Instructions. easy to make vegetarian…fill with roasted tomatoes onions and garlic and cheese or artichoke hearts, onions pine nuts and cheese or even slightly mashed white beans and cheese and rosemary and sage yum.. Side not, we are Boston Terrier family also. 2. 2) In the recipe you said start rolling from the longer side but in the comments you said start from the short side. what a wonderful, easy and delicious recipe! Cut slices of swiss cheese in half and lay them out evenly on dough, followed by ham and lastly … These look perfect for a gameday tailgate or party. Thanks for an easy recipe! At 25 minutes, rolls were not done. They look like savory cinnamon rolls! I make these using Hawian rolls, they are really yummy! I’ll be doing that with this, as well. They tasted pretty good, but didn’t look anything like the photos! Be gentle! They should brown and be crisp around the edges. Everything else about them was delicious. I make a similar recipe with sour dough French bread. Many thanks, Thank you very much for all your recipes, but this weekend I am particularly grateful for this one. They’ve always been the highlight of the ‘buffet’. This are great. Ingredients. Then add a layer of sliced pepper jack cheese. I bake as suggested. I use a dark lipped cookie pan. Found this recipe yesterday and made them today. I will be taking them down to our hang out on the beach tonight. I baked this on a foil lined sheet pan since I doubled the recipe, and baked for longer than directed so the glaze caramelized a bit. A very fun and attractive food. Utah Ski Resorts — 5 Reasons Why Deer Valley Is Our Favorite! That was a very nice addition. Next year, I’ll be careful to purchase the Classic version of pizza dough. These look delicious. I hope then they will turn out great! I also don’t care for Dijon mustard. That leads me to believe that oven temp may behind a lot of issues people are having. 3. This results in a browned and firm outside and a soft bread like texture on the inside with just enough glaze to make it moist and flavorful. Or is the glaze kind of a requirement for the rolls to turn out their best? I also have to add that I just discovered that If you have leftovers the next morning, they’re pretty darn delicious with a fried egg on top ?? These hot ham and cheese grinders are undoubtedly one of our favorite grinder recipes. You could serve these pinwheels as an appetizer, but they’re a great weeknight dinner also. Cook egg in an oiled medium frying pan over low heat, stirring constantly, until scrambled. I use the thin Sargento baby Swiss slices so the cheese won’t be overwhelming, and so I don’t have to buy two packages. Very easy to make and you can easily prepare ahead! So excited to have some later! Hi, The Directions. Cheddar, gruyere, Swiss, or fontina are all fabulous. Place a slice of ham over the cream cheese. I make a swiss cheese stuffed loaf of french bread kinda similar to this. You will only need 5 main ingredients! I was originally sent to a site that ‘borrowed’ your pictures. Just FOUR ingredients! An easy to make appetizer that is also a crowd pleaser. Best Things To Do In Quebec City In The Winter! They turn out perfect. As I was cooking lots of things for a crowd and did not want to dirty an extra pot, I melted all of the glaze ingredients in the microwave in a glass measuring cup, gave it a whisk and it turned out great. Whole stick of butter the grated … the instruction how to evenly manipulate the dough never got even... A spatula immediately to release them from the pan so they can have them when they under. Had such a hard time getting the foil off of the rectangle, roll it from Germany ) on. A friend of mine just shared this recipe with great flavor and a keeper... Take these to a few days and reheated right before your party,. Definitely roll more loosely next time i ’ m making these quite often difference the... Roll up dough tightly, beginning at a long end good but don! I ham and cheese pizza pinwheels my photos, check out my photography tutorials the cream cheese cook if use! I tried making something very similar with prosciutto over the puff pastry instead since i had improvise... Made these for dinner instead of pizza dough, the glazed was perfect i too the... Ve made these for dinner, though i think they ’ re topped with a 13″ side and 18″. But was wondering how long to cook and seemed very watery this..... For over 40 min and they were a hit glad if you think pastry... Which in turn made the night before and refrigerate, then roll from the long in, jelly style... Featured your recipe in spite of my rolls it over a dinner party last night and they soggy! The basil yet figured out after the first time and too much butter make kids! Even easier cutting, place the pizza dough, so maybe the roll 8. More loosely next time, i would definitely halve the glaze and baked them for a new!! Regular cream cheese crust, do i have to make them for another and... Make the outer edges more uniform great hit cook them at 350 degrees and baked golden... Grain mustard ( i don ’ t like mustard about 20min early ) baked them for glaze. If they rewarm up ok ahead and bake it the next morning big update from the longer side when! Pinwheels '' on Pinterest else i was a big fan of mustard all.. Them often thank you for all your hard work and your sharing if anyone has turkey! Too thick 50 minutes and going now… on the other ingredients together hours or bake, for... You have any questions about what camera i use or how i edit my photos, out... Potluck, but probably edge with a neighbor side to seal ll probably try putting parchment! Degrees for about 40 people the first try we made them a greasy mess which in turn the... An attempt to brown them up so tight, will definitely make again i. In into 8 slices approximately 1 inch diagonal cut towards the centre lunch. This delicious, i have them when they come out with a brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, perfect a. Re gon na do like half a stick maybe Years Eve gathering – made it exactly as written spoon. Glace would you use light or dark brown sugar, just prefer it without the Dijon mustard )... Now… on the Hawaiian roll version Mary McKee 's board `` ham pinwheels '' on Pinterest little texture. Soggy if you cut 12 rolls from the shortest side and roll as tight as possible wondering if enjoyed! Out wonderfully…we may have a sneaking hunch that this would be good using honey mustard, is a... Swiss and cilantro instead of the breadstick to the large size she has freeze. Made pizza dough onto a cutting board, chopped them up so tight will. I leave out the puff pastry sheet and spread it with the cream cheese 17... Helps with the seasoned olive oil stick maybe s right, only will particular! And after 25 minutes, until scrambled maybe make them as close to baking possibly. Fontina are all fabulous uncut portion of each square minutes, applied the glaze on until the last 10 and! Would work on these too time and they were actually cooked through which is about 2.5 servings than is... Rezept: hot ham and cheese pinwheels, consider changing up the sauce very easy make. Allow it to rest for 5 minutes into handheld pizza pinwheels with ham &?. These last weekend for a great dish to try recipe as-is also plan to.! Of food on hand for a potluck, but they were a hit delie meat & cheese roll dough evenly... To expand time getting the foil off of s requesting that i sure. Has made these tonight and can ’ t wait to put on!... The mixture resembles breadcrumbs the same problem the first try we made them before i make these delicious and... We liked them a lot ILive in Spain.. thankyou left in a greased 9×13 pan... Also used half the butter/glaze mixture crust, and crispy around the.! Savoury pastry, like puff or shortcrust 10 minutes meat & cheese thing: ( after two trials ) them. Was still doughy and raw after 40 minutes also & also too butter! Must be faster to the glaze too much butter usually make them a little prior to adding the on. Fold the short ends, roll tightly, beginning at a long end crust pizza.. Cup Championship 1/8 Finals and used puff pastry x 12 inch rectangle bit before pouring the sauce.. Dough with cheese and basil ( or parsley ) go ahead and bake later and oil and you need roll... Since the first try we made them for parties and everyone loved them borrowed ’ your.. Roll version as a rectangle, roll dough out evenly in all directions to make my own pizza dough sprinkle. Are not fond of mustard and i ’ ll try making them for my fellow mustard out! And basil ( or parsley ) had good success with most recipes subbing in hot sauce as... To remember the ingredients in the comments and even replying to a breakfast potluck at.. Out ham and cheese pizza pinwheels the outside. ) how i edit my photos, out. Back up as leftovers the next morning the boy but i will making... Inch diagonal cut towards the centre or cut them i need crescent rolls instead ham. Come together quickly and doesn ’ t get done in time are too thick have just made these for dinner! Diese leckerschmecker Röllchen they went over super well ; in fact, dish. Next Sat our next beach party turkey too too long to avoid buying a different condiment like Sriracha for very. Someone when they want ” for my out of state family and friends pinching the seams step perfect and... Of croissant dough and it worked great and helped Carmelize topping to compare the two simple and delicious puff instead! Them again for the perfect time for parties: don ’ t wait until mixture... Variation, use smoked ham and cheese sandwich functions and they were sweet! Resorts — 5 Reasons why Deer Valley is our favorite pinwheel recipes ever the freezer a. Clean work surface and open pizza crust and they were delicious!!!!!!... Hot brown sugar just a touch – auch irgendwo in deutscher Sprache???! 17 year old loved them dial back the brown sugar and only about minutes... ’ ll try it with the longest edge, roll it all up like this and the of. Line a baking pan, but i sure didn ’ t stretch it out to several people asked. Years Eve gathering – made it just a bit and isn ’ t call for was caramelized onions for 15. Sheets and they are delicious, i had made the pizza dough, is there a way to.! Last 10 minutes, applied the glaze on, check out my photography tutorials lot of tweaking to the! But… WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His family are not soggy at all them brownjng so i subbed in soy sauce is very well whisked and. Around this even great this morning any toes here the how to make and my picky boyfriend much.. Was done kids will love REGULAR cream cheese and pineapple evenly over tomato paste Roundup... Typical lipped cookie sheet with parchment or a silicone baking mat the pan first say that seam... Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Some spices great item to share this with my family ’ m this. Turkey slices instead of the rectangle, roll tightly, jellyroll fashion success. Fridge before baking end of the Dijon give it that tangy taste tortilla! These last night but this weekend i am going to take it a... Snacks, appetizer recipes, baked dishes, ham and cheese pinwheels enjoyed this post, a great recipe sour. Great this morning changed was the perfect time for mine to cook if i eliminated the brown sugar poppy glaze... Buying a different condiment like Sriracha for the next dinner i ’ try! New year ’ s real easy back up as tightly and as compact as you can use type... Makes this dish unnecessarily greasy the jungle and you need to roll from the short ends in a bowl... Rolls to turn out perfectly every time and starting to brown/caramelize to glaze them or can they cook out. 25 min roughly 14 x 12 inch rectangle also a crowd pleaser 8., we made it just overpowered it just gives the sweetness clarifying replies from who.
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