Posted 5 months ago by Waleed Shah. Bus rapid transit (BRT, BRTS, busway, transitway) is a bus-based public transport system designed to improve capacity and reliability relative to a conventional bus system. The BRT project has been constructed by a consortium led by China Railway 21st Bureau Group and it has witnessed several accidents since its inauguration on August 13. 72 people like this. The Peshawar BRT project is a major undertaking not just in the development of the physical infrastructure of the city but as a catalyst for urban regeneration and growth. Now once again Zu card sale, the company has started. Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the long-awaited Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project yesterday. Special attention has been given for gender segregation in the restrooms for convenient use of everyone. The WIFI . The Peshawar BRT project is a major undertaking not just in the development of the physical infrastructure of the city but as a catalyst for urban regeneration and growth. Further, the post-BRT carriageway width for mixed traffic at the locations of the BRT bus stations has been reduced by 40 percent on average as compared to pre-BRT conditions. The bus rapid transit system was inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan on Aug 14 after multiply delays in the project. Peshawar - To bring passengers from the suburban areas of Peshawar to main stations of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), Trans-Peshawar is going to make BRT feeder routes operational from today (Monday). The official said that every station will have four policemen for its security, adding that 240 personnel will be deployed for the project in two shifts. The Peshawar BRT, one of the flagship projects of the government, was launched on August 13, completed at a cost of Rs69 billion in 36 months. Feeder station will be spaced on average 400 metres from one another. 220 new buses will serve 21,000 people every hour while 4,000 jobs will be created Following the unfortunate incident, a spokesperson of the TransPeshawar said that engineers and experts were present at several stations for backup. Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), a flagship project of the PTI government is launching soon. More From Pakistan: pakistan 74 people follow this. Earlier this year, the BRT project in Peshawar city faced criticism by the people after the stations got flooded and witnessed water leakages during heavy rains. Police deployed across BRT stations SSP Operations Peshawar, in a statement today, said that police personnel have been deployed across all the stations of the newly-inaugurated BRT service. Community See All. The system will help improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion, and benefit an estimated 500,000 people. The stoppage of the bus service added insult to the injury because the project remained a constant source of embarrassment for the PTI government right from its very inception. PTI is now successfully completing their Peshawar BRT in '70b' instead of 49b and successfully DECREASED 'Education Budget' in a country where children are out of school. On July 16, thieves reportedly stole equipment worth Rs300,000 from Peshawar’s BRT University Road station. In 2019, a woman died in Peshawar after she was hit by a bus during the BRT test run. The project, built at a cost of Rs 70 billion is a 27.5 kilometre-long corridor track with 31 stations and seven feeder routes stretching 62km with 146 stops to facilitate thousands of passengers every day. BRT Peshawar. The proposed route for BRT system will have 28 stations, with three stations to be built elevated. Local Business . Route 1C - Ring Road to Hayatabad. It is the 16th consecutive day of BRT-less Peshawar despite all efforts made by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to see it running, reported 24NewsHD TV channel on Wednesday.. And the service is not going to be resumed in the coming days, as TransPeshawar – the government-owned company that runs these buses – now says the BRT Peshawar would be reopened on Oct 25. The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa stopped the BRT Bus Service in Peshawar due to some technical issues. Successful completion of the project will lead to greater economic activity and prosperity as well as providing the people, who live, work and visit the city a world-class transport service. BRT stands for Bus Rapid Transit. Divided into two separate phases, the first phase of the TransPeshawar BRT system will encompass an east-west corridor to be served by 31 stations with an initial 383 buses, at … Peshawar - Crowds have to wait for their turn to board buses at the BRT stations in the provincial capital and most of people have to elbow their way to get a small space to stand in the air-conditioned vehicles, because mostly the buses are filled to capacity and the crowds are seen standing in the vehicles. About See All. The travelers should follow the coronavirus SPSs while traveling. This is also of a distinct feature that will facilitate the genuine needs of the commuters along the way. Posted 2 weeks ago by Waleed Shah. Remarkable features of Peshawar BRT. I have critically analysed the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Peshawar with insights from Denicol 2020 and Midler 2019. The feeder routes will add an additional 100 stations along those feeder lines, all of which will be new construction. So try again. The project will construct the city's first bus rapid transit corridor with 31 stations and facilities including bicycle lanes, as well as safety features for women and children. BRT Peshawar Stations: TransPeshawar has a 32 stations passing tracks, allowing the purpose of a “direct service” system in which buses from residential areas can access TransPeshawar dedicated bus-lanes for use as an express service directly to the city’s center. The COVID-19 spread is on the rise once again, but a … Govt Arrests COVID-19 SOPs Violators at BRT Peshawar Bus Stands. BRT Peshawar project was approved in Pakistani Tehreek Insaf tenure and took approximately two years to complete. He is another distinct and other feature of the BRT Buses, Free Wifi! The BRT project that costs Rs 70 billion consists of 27.5km main track and 31 stations. The feeder routes length is 62km and it has 146 stops. 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